Free Delivery in central London, Islington and surrounding area

If you live or work in or close to central London, Islington or surrounding areas, I may be able to deliver to you free of charge. Please contact me to arrange a time when you will be in to take delivery. If you live further away, please contact me and I will calculate the postage costs and send you an invoice.


Four robot shaped soaps in blue, orange, yellow and green

Click on the soap type to choose which type of soap you want to pay for. Click the Colour option to see what colours are available. If you want an unscented soap, leave the option at Unscented, or click to select the type of fragrance you would like added. Only pure essential oils are used to fragrance the soaps. Colours used are EU approved colours, specially manuractured in the UK for use in bath products.

Soap Shape
Scented or Unscented

Fizzy Bath Balls

Two bath bombs, one red and one pale blue

Bath balls come in 3 sizes. Small is approximately 4cm in diameter, Medium is approximately 5cm in diameter and Large is approximately 6cm in diameter.

The bath balls are made with natural ingredients and are SLS free. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose an unscented ball to which no colour has been added. To use the bath ball, fill your bath with warm water, get in and pop one of the bath balls in your bath. They fizz and you'll smell the essential oil, if you have chosen a scented oil. They are fun for both kids and adults.

As with the soaps, if you live or work in the central London area or in the N1, N4 or N5 areas or nearby, I am happy to deliver to you. You can also collect from my work address on a Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon, at a prearranged time. If you live outside the free delivery areas, pleae contact me directly so I can calculate the postage charges and email you an invoice.

Fragrance (pure essential oil)
Call 07827 975 440 if you have any questions