What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stones added to massage can help ease muscle tension by improving local blood circulation. The heat causes blood vessels to expand, warming the area and allowing better movement. Massage with hot stones allows deeper work to be done, if necessary, and is also very relaxing. You can choose to have a totally relaxing and pampering light spa type massage or a deeper hot stone massage.

What is Holistic Full Body Massage?

Holistic massage is a relaxing massage that helps to restore balance to your body and mind. Areas covered are the back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet, but can also include scalp and face massage.

This type of massage incorporates massage techniques to release muscle tension and promote a sense of wellbeing. Holistic massage increases your blood and lymph circulation, boosts endorphin levels and can help restore natural sleeping patterns.

One of my clients calls her regular holistic massages a "little holiday" because they help to recharge her batteries. It can also leave you feeling more focused and less anxious.

How often to have a holistic massage: A monthly holistic massage can help keep your body and mind relaxed and boost your endorphin levels.

Appointment length and customised massage: The minimum length of time you can book for holistic massage is 60 minutes. If you are very stressed or tired, or there's one problem area you'd like worked on for longer, while still having time to fit in the rest of you, a 75 or 90 minute massage may be better. For a real treat, book a 2 hour massage and totally relax. At your appointment, you can customise your massage by incorporating face, scalp or foot massage and deep tissue where you need it (such as back and shoulders).

During your massage: You can chat to me or be silent during your massage and drift off to sleep. I have a lot of clients and they're all different, so I'm used to having questions asked as well as hearing the occasional soft snore.

The difference between "holistic" massage and "Swedish" massage: Well, to be honest, both are rather subjective in that there is no standard "holistic" massage and if you go to Sweden and ask for a Swedish massage, you will find it doesn't exist. Usually a holistic massage or a Swedish massage refer to the first massage technique that massage therapists and beauticians learn when they begin their massage courses. It is usually a lighter massage than, for example, a deep tissue massage, but it will depend on the massage therapist. If you hate very light massage (as a lot of my clients do), it's worth checking before you book a holistic or Swedish massage. Some massage therapists or beauticians choose to stick with having one basic massage qualification (which is perfectly fine), but you may find that they lack knowledge of other techniques for releasing muscle tension. If you ask in advance before booking a holistic or Swedish massage, the therapist should be able to tell you if they work deeper or just give you a light, spa-type of massage. It's all down to personal preference. I can do both, so please feel free to let me know if you want a light, medium or deeper massage.

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