Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage can be booked at my therapy room or as a home visit. I place a soft cushion on the massage table at my therapy room, so it is more comfortable to lie face down if you are breastfeeding.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is available at my therapy room on Upper Street, Islington or as a home visit (depending on your location). Home visits are available Tuesday to Friday daytimes and early evenings and Sundays.

You can choose whether you want to lie on your side during your massage or lie face down on a specially designed body cushion set that has an adjustable middle section to provide support for your bump. It also has a face hole so your neck is not twisted to one side.

Pregnancy massage is safe from your second trimester to your due date and even beyond if you are overdue.

Massage can help ease tight muscles, pain and discomfort caused by increased pressure on your spine and joints. It also helps you relax, may help you sleep better and isn't it about time you allowed someone else to look after you for an hour?

Pregnancy massage can be booked as a home visit or at my therapy room on Upper Street, Islington N1. For home visits, I can travel to most areas in London, including South East London. I use public transport to travel to you, so if you're close to a station or a bus route, I should be able to get to you. For all appointments, it's best to book in advance as I have a fairly busy practice. I may charge extra if you are further away from areas I usually cover or if it's difficult to get to you. Please be sure to let me know if there are stairs at your home or local station.

I use a specially designed body cushion set, both at my therapy room and when I'm doing home visits. It has an adjustable and comfortable cushion that allows you to life face down. It also has an added head rest, with a face hole, so you don't need to have your head to one side. At my therapy room, I place the cushions on a massage table (it's an electric table, so it can be lowered for you to climb onto safely). For home visits, the cushions fit into a case on wheels that I take to your home. The cushions fit on a bed, turning it into a massage table.

If you prefer to lie on your side during your massage, that's perfectly fine. Some of my clients feel more comfortable on their sides and some prefer to be face down. You're an individual, not a number, and if you want to lie on your side or even sit up during your massage, it's your choice and your body.

Why lie face down during a pregnancy massage?

Lying face down during a massage allows your whole back and hips to be worked on at the same time. The position also reduces pressure on the lower back. In late pregnancy, your hips may become sore and tight, which may make lying on your side less comfortable. The choice of position is entirely up to you and there is no wrong or right way, as long as you are comfortable. Your massage can also be deeper or light or a mix of both. Deeper massage can help release tight muscle but you can also have a lighter, spa-type of massage, if that is what you would prefer.

Pregnancy massage is especially beneficial towards the end of pregnancy as it may help you feel calmer and most of my clients sleep better after a massage. Massage also eases tight muscles and improves mobility.

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