Deep Tissue Massage

If you feel stiff or sore from sitting in one position for long periods, or you've woken with a stiff neck, this massage is a good choice.

Deep tissue massage helps to ease tightness by slowly encouraging soft tissue release. It can be a little uncomfortable, but most of my clients enjoy the feeling of release and relief as the muscles relax.

Book a 45 minute massage (£58) for just one area, such as the back and shoulders or the legs. You can also book a 60 minute (£68) or 90 minute (£93) massage.

Pregnancy Massage

From your second trimester onwards, massage can be helpful to ease tight hips, shoulders, legs and feet.

You will by lying on your side on a massage table, where it's easier to access your hips and neck. If you have very tight shoulders, I may suggest having you sit up so I can work on your shoulders for the final 10 to 15 minutes.

I use a plain oil for pregnancy massage. There is no evidence that there are any acupressure points that will stimulate labour. In my 13+ years as a massage therapist, not one of my clients has gone into labour during a massage.

I work to your comfort level during pregnancy massage. If you prefer deeper or lighter massage, it's your choice.

Sports & Remedial Massage

If you regularly take part in sports or you are training for an event, having a massage can help speed recovery for your muscles and relieve stiffness or pain.

Sports massage isn't the most comfortable massage, but I don't believe in causing extreme pain just because you're having a sports massage. I also don't work on the "name that muscle" method of massage. Your muscles work in groups and it's rarely just one muscle causing a problem, unless you have a specific injury.

For minor sports injuries or overuse injuries, remedial massage can be helpful to release tightness in soft tissues and in so doing help ease pain.

young woman on the ayurvedic aromatherapy oil massage procedure

Relaxing Massages

If you just want to relax and don't need a deep tissue or sports massage, you can book a 60 or 90 minute massage, focusing on pure relaxation.

You can book a full body massage (and you can even tailor it to include a little deeper work on your shoulders). You can also book a foot massage or incorporate it into a full body massage. If your skin is feeling a little dry or you want some extra pampering, a revitalising face massage can be booked on its own or as part of a full body massage.

Upcoming therapies

I am currently doing a course that focuses on ways to help people who suffer from back pain. The course is run by physios and I particularly like their approach, which includes looking at the emotional side of pain and not just the physical.

Booking an appointment

I work in Islington at Canonbury Natural Health Centre on Upper Street. I am only in when I have appointments booked, so please book in advance. I very seldom have same day appointments.

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