How much is it? £65 if you live in or near Islington. I may charge a little extra if it takes longer to get to you.

How long is the workshop? About an hour.

What is it? Your own private workshop at home that teaches your partner a basic massage routine to ease pain and help you relax during labour. Also covered is a simple pregnancy massage to help ease tight muscles and aid sleep.

At what stage during pregnancy should I book? Later in pregnancy is best, around the third trimester, about 4 weeks before your due date. This gives you time to practice the techniques and get used to the very simple routine.

Why should I book this workshop? Massage during labour has been shown to be helpful for most women to relieve pain and stress. It is also a good way for your partner to feel involved in the labour. You will learn different massage strokes to use during contractions and in between and will be able to practice them, get corrected so you have the right posture and are using safe techniques and you will pratice different positions for labour. You will also learn how to give a side-lying pregnancy massage.

What are the benefits of massage during labour? Skin contact massage helps to release endorphins, which reduce the release of adrenaline. In this way, the massage helps to relax you when you're feeling stressed. Massage also helps to release the hormones you need to help progress labour. During contractions, your muscles are working hard and get tight. Massage can help to release the tension building up in the muscles.

How to book: You can call me on 07827 975 440 or email me at

To book a workshop call Tanja Drayton on 07827 975 440